Medical Team

Consider travelling alone with a sick personal at some 35,000 feet when there is nobody down the hall to ask or call if the situation deteriorate, here so the need is for somebody – a decision – maker… The Medical Escort Team (MET)

AIRS Medical Escorts Team is comprised of 24/7 critical care physicians/Intensivist/Anaesthetis/Paediatricians/Neonatologist and Critical care Paramedics.

  • All of our medical team members exceed the medical escort industry standards.
  • AIRS MET is a diplomat, confidante, tour guide and medic all rolled into one.
  • Values patients care, patient safety and overall well-being of individuals we transport around the world.
  • Brings passion for delivering the highest level of quality care to each and every patient that we transport.
  • Trained to handle your entire medical and transport needs and manage everything from the transfer, tipping, luggage to security.

Have worked and greatly experienced in the dealing with patients with Pediatrics, Cardiac, Diabetic, Geriatric, Medical, Neurological, Psychiatric, Respiratory, Surgical and Trauma problem.

The complete set of medical and technical equipment on board- AIRS Air ambulance meet the highest international standards. All medical equipment and supplies are examined and tested at prior to and following each transport to assure proper maintenance and inventory.

Medical Equipments


  • Patient loading system.
  • State of the art transport ventilator.
  • Defibrillator with external cardiac pacemaker.
  • Infusion pumps.
  • Oxygen hood for paediatrics patient.
  • Nebulizer machine.
  • Vacuum mattress.
  • Spin board with head immobiliser.
  • Oxygen tank.
  • Multi Parameter transport monitor.
  • Suction machine.
  • Transport Incubator.
  • Fibre optic bronchoscope.
  • Glucometer
  • Emergency Drugs & Kit.
  • Oxygen, Oxygen regulators gauge, tubing and masks.