Aeromed International Air Ambulance Services

Aeromed International Rescue Services Private Limited provides exemplary emergency air ambulance services in India.
We at Aeromed International Rescue Services are dedicated to cater to
the needs of our customers who are in need of emergent and urgent medical transportation. We
offer the people of India a timely air medical ambulance transportation service with both domestic
and international commercially used choppers and airlines. We provide the best available care and
transport services right from the airport. Special assistance is also easily accessible at our airports for
a congenial and secure boarding. Our courteous and experienced staff members are vigilant and
perceptive of your prerequisites. We cater to the requirements of medical transportation via air
buses through detailed and constantly available flights.

Our medical support begins from the ground and extends to air transportation. We make sure that
you receive care and monitoring from our highly trained medical staff members only. Our
emergency medical airlines services can be categorised under three headings, i.e.

Critical Care Transport (CCT)
Advanced Life Support (ALS)
Basic Life Support (BLS)

Our airline fleet can be divided into Charter Air Craft and Commercial Air Craft. However different,
they receive the same quality of assurance and safety when it comes to medical support from our
highly trained medical staff. Aeromed International Emergency medical services are ready to work at
your disposition 24×7 and around the clock. We offer the maximum level of safety and efficiency at
competitive prices without yielding out in terms of quality. We cater to the care of patient and his or
her relatives with the utmost sensitivity and comfort. Our airlines and all other transportation
services have extensive facilities of medical support of oxygen cylinders, ventilators, pacemakers,
monitors, defibrillators, gurneys, etc. We strive to make you good on our part with a skilled medical
staff and state of the art support.

In times of medical emergency what try to make sure is all that is left in your requirements is the
love and support of your family and friends. For everything else, there is Aeromed International Air
Ambulance Services.

Aeromed Rail Medical Ambulance Services

The Aeromed International Rescue Services Private Limited caters to the emergency medical needs
of people in India. We provide Rail Ambulance outfit for the emergent medical care and
transportation of the people in need. The rail ambulance services are extended to people who live in
the areas where there are not many medical care facilities available. The rail ambulance service is
especially for the areas where there are poor medical facilities. Our attendants, once contacted,
keep an un-abating contact with the patient or his or her relatives and friends so that the transport
can be co-ordinated efficiently. Our medical escort services are available around the clock and 24×7.
When a patient is requires immediate and efficient medical outlook then the best option is to make
him or her look after by highly trained medical staff and that is exactly what we offer through our rail
ambulance services.

Our Medical transportation via rail service is a cost effective and quality concerned amenity available
for all those who need instant medical care. The Aeromed Rail Medical Transportation services offer
state of the art equipments and a highly trained and skilled medical staff. Medical support is covered
by all the necessities available at any major hospital, i.e. oxygen cylinders, ventilators, defibrillators,
monitoring devices, etc. We strive to make sure that your health is constantly monitored and aided
with whatever is required without a compromise on quality and assurance. We provide medical
transportation services in air conditioned first, second and third classes of the railways. The rail
services are cost effective as compared to air ambulance services and way faster than the ground
ambulance services.

Our attendants are constantly available around the clock for the care and monitoring of the patient.
There is enough provision for relatives and friends to travel with the patient. We strive to make sure
that life and health is preserved equally well at the Aeromed Rail Medical Rescue Services.

Aeromed Ground Medical Services

The Aeromed International Rescue Services Private Limited offers emergency services for medical
and therapeutic requirements. We cater to the needs of those who need emergent medical
attention through our ground ambulances. Our skilled and highly trained drivers and medical staff
will cater to both emergency and non-emergency needs of those who need it. Our medical staff is
passionate about their work therefore we promise utmost sensitivity and care while transporting the
patient from any point to the required medical destination. Our fleets of vans and mini-vans are
equipped with state of the art technology and medical support apparatus. The availability of
ventilators, defibrillators, oxygen cylinders, gurneys, etc has been maintained with constant scrutiny
so that they deliver exactly what is promised in the times of need.

We have been serving the citizens of India with quick response teams and medically fit vehicles that
boast of quality and assurance. Our medical unit, once alerted, stay in constant contact with the
patient/his or her well-wisher so that there can be proper co-ordination between the two parties.
Our medical facilities can be called upon within 30 minutes through telephone services. The
Aeromed ambulance services promise:

Cost effective services
Experienced and Highly trained medical staff
Medical equipments in working and in state of the art condition
Quick response
Instant Medical Care

We at Aeromed aspire to deliver the best medical care with supreme quality assurance and utmost
sensitivity. There is always provision for a relative or a friend in our ambulances. We try to make
sure that in time of such emergent needs all those who avail our facilities have to do is care and
show their love for the patient. The Aeromed Ground Medical Services promise to take care of
everything else until you reach the health care destination required or desired.