Aeromed Air Ambulance also offers timely air medical ambulance services. We serve the people in India with domestic and international commercial airlines/choppers. There will be a doctor and a nurse with the patient throughout the transfer. We take care of the need of the fast transportation service to the hospital. Special assistance is available at the airport for comfortable and quick boarding. Our aircrafts are fully equipped with portable life saving equipment like ventilators, monitors, pacemakers, oxygen cylinders, stretchers and other requirements. We administer our patient's medication; monitor the patient's condition and provide premium nursing care on the flight. Our company offers quick responsive services in the terms of ambulance services and mortuary services at the time of any medical emergency.

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Type of Air Ambulance Services:

1- Charter Air Craft: 2- Commercial Air Craft:

Three treatment levels depending on the needs of the patient:

1- Critical Care Transport

2- Advanced Life Support (ALS)

3- Basic Life Support (BLS)

At Advanced Air Ambulance, we are at your disposal, 24 hours a day, to accommodate all your air ambulance needs to the maximum level of safety, comfort and efficiency. Our air ambulance specialists’ main goal is to provide smooth and comfortable, 100% worry-free, complete bedside to bedside, air ambulance transports. Our complete medical Air transportation service ensures continuity of quality care to all our patients whether it is a critical care flight or a basic life support flight.

  • We offer complete “bed-to-bed” service, including ground transportation.
  • care from fully trained medical staff.
  • specialized air ambulance transport on aircraft operated by charter air carriers or the commercial airlines (as medically appropriate)
  • And other services as needed.
  • The specially equipped air ambulances operated by the carriers we contract with offer.

Five reasons that distinguish us from other Air Ambulance Companies:

  • Courteous, Experienced and Highly Trained Staff.
  • Our Passion for Orchestrating Detailed Flights.
  • Excellent Daily Availability Around the Clock.
  • Assistance with Healthcare Insurance Payment.
  • Competitive Pricing without Compromising Quality.
  • Following are some glimpses of Emergency Evacuations

Air Ambulances Following types of Planes are generally used:-

1-Platus PC-12

02 Pilot + 01 patient on stricture + 4 seats

(two person of medical team + two patient’s relatives)


2-King Air B-200

02 Pilot + 01 patient on stricture + 5 seats

(two person of medical team + three patient’s relatives)    


3-Air king C-90

02 Pilot + 01 patient on stricture + 3 seats

(two person of medical team + one patient’s relatives)

Rescue Team

Team of Trained DoctorsDefibrillatorDefeb. With External PacemakerA.E.D Pad
Emergency medicinesOxygenNebulization MachineGlucometer
Mobile VentilatorInfusion PumpPulse OxymeterOxygen cylinders
Cardiac MonitorSuction machineB.P. ApparatusRegulator
Ambu Bag ( adult and pediatric size )C-circuit T- pieceE. T. Tube
Ventilator curcuitI. V. CunulaI. V. SetB. T. Set
Microdrip setSuction catheterRyles tubeFoley’s Catheter
Central lineNasal AirwayOral airwayOxygen Nasal Mask
Bipep MaskStyletCombi Tube 

Laryngoscope with different size of blade( adult and pediatric size )

OTHER INSTRUMENTS (*which is not mentioneddue to lack of space.)

The rescue team for medical evacuations consist of Anaesthetist, surgeon, Physician, cardiologist, perfusionist, technician and rescue nurse. 
The team is mobilized in no time to evacuate patients from different parts country and Globe.